Where is the grading course located?

Generally, the course is held at the MLB office, however due to COVID-19 restrictions it may be held off site at a more central location to those taking the course. Grading courses are held on an “as needed” basis.  Member facilities are given first option of spots on courses.

How long is a grading course?

Grading courses are 2 weeks long –
First week = theory & stud grades (NLGA para. 121)
Second week = theory & structural grades (NLGA para. 124)

What will I need for the course?

Most supplies (ie. pencils) will be supplied by the Instructor at the time of the course however they may ask you to bring items (ie. tape measure & possibly safety gear).

Does my grading course certificate/license expire?

Yes. The grading course certificate/license is good for 3 years after which a refresher course will be needed to renew the license.

Does taking the grading course allow me to grade my own lumber?

No. You must become a MLB member in order to grade your own lumber. To become a MLB member, once you have completed and passed your grading course, you must complete an MLB application, submit payment based on an annual minimum membership that is pro-rated based upon when you joined membership. After the first-year of MLB membership, membership is based on production. You will need to order stamps/ink which will remain at your site. An MLB QC Inspector will need to conduct a site visit prior to membership approval. Once the inspection has been completed and payment received membership will be approved. An MLB QC Inspector will conduct monthly inspections at your site at their convenience.

If I become a member and have grade stamps – can I grade lumber for other people?

There are only 2 conditions that would permit a member to grade lumber for other people –

  1. The mill and stamps would have to be physically moved to the location of the lumber to be stamped (as the stamps must stay with the mill) and he could then grade and stamp the lumber (as long as he notifies us of his movement of the mill and the location where the mill and stamps will be)
  2. The neighbour could take his lumber to the MLB members mill site where it could be graded and stamped. 

Under no circumstance can an MLB member take grade stamps and travel around the neighbourhood with them, stamping lumber for people without the mill being on site and letting us know exactly where this activity is taking place.  Failure to comply would result in immediate cancellation of membership and retrieval of the grade stamps.   

What is the cost of the grading course?

Please contact the Maritime Lumber Bureau directly by phone #902-667-3889 or by email info@mlb.ca for all cost inquiries regarding grading courses, refresher courses and call grading.